This shower cap is not the same one that your Aunt Dorothy used.

Or your grandma.

Or the woman in apartment 4B who always wore bunny slippers.

Because, this is not just a shower cap.



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It is beautiful

Think chic, sophisticated, turban silhouetting. A classic beauty staple, now with its own modern edge.

Our fashion forward textile designs fit in just as easily on the runway as in your bathroom.

It is not plastic

Plastic is tacky and we are not. So, we used a premium waterproof performance fabric that has a bunch of perks.

  • Machine washable (in cold).
  • Additional anti-bacterial coating.
  • Breathable for anti-humidity.
  • Plus, it repels water from the outside and simply shakes off for a quick dry.
It stays put

The innovative new rubber grip on the inner band, means a super secure fit without ruining your volume.

You’re welcome, hairs.

It is quiet

You know that horrible noise most shower caps make? The “angry rain on a tin roof” one? We reduced that. It bothered us, too.

It fits all

Our flexible elastic band creates a pocket that holds all hair types and fits all head sizes, all while maintaining it’s sleek look.








The Reviews


" Can you

ou legally change your birthday? Just wondering, because my life actually started the day
I discovered SHHHOWERCAP. It fits my odd-shaped head, keeps my 'do protected in post-workout showers, and doesn't leave that terrifying Harry Potter scar imprint on my forehead like elastic-banded ones always do. And it comes in prints so good I'm more likely to ogle 'em at Madewell (or Opening Ceremony) than use them in my bathing routine. I can't remember life before SHHHOWERCAP & never want to experience life again without it. "



" I love this shower cap—the little rubber strip on the inside makes it waterproof and
keeps it perfectly in place on your hairline. I would even wear it out as a turban. " 

ASHLEY STREICHER, Celebrity Hairstylist  


" The fact that I’m writing a review about a shower cap of all things is proof that
it must be one hell of a shower cap— and it is. This product is a game changer."

FAITH XUE, Editor of Byrdie Beauty   


" I've been ridiculously impressed with SHHHOWERCAP and sing it's praises to anyone who will listen. Seeing it in my bathroom every day puts a smile on my face. And it dries super duper fast. Like creepily fast -- how do you DO that? I love that it doesn't leave a wet puddle on my floor. " 

CLAIRE W, New York 



" I absolutely love the product! I use shower caps most days and I usually go through them so quickly because it gets dirty and/or the elastic stretches out. But this cap is a life changer! It fits snug and comfortably, protects my hair, and doesn't leave any lines. The chic design adds the cherry on top. I can't wait to buy more as gifts!"

ANIKA N, Los Angeles 



" I immediately ripped it open, threw it on my head and got in the shower to test it...
...And it's fabulous!!! As a shower cap aficionado, it gets my 100% approval rating. " 


NICOLE J, Blowouts for Days, Brooklyn 


We are SHHHOWERCAP. We believe that you should never feel less than 100%. That your beauty products should only help you feel beautiful. And that you should never keep anything around (a person, place,
or product) that makes you feel like anything less than your best self.