How This Millennial  Launched A Multi-Million Dollar Shower Cap Company

“We are changing perception of this outdated utility item and re-introducing the category to the 90% of modern women who don't wash their hair every day."

+ How Updating Unsexy Shower Caps Made It Rain Success For This Founder


Reinventing The Showercap
For the Modern Woman

“Then there’s the category that I fall into: the women who have never owned a shower cap, but still don’t wash their hair every time they shower. This group employs a considerable amount of effort trying to lather and rinse their bodies without getting their hair wet, resulting in a lot of awkward movement that De Jesu calls 'the shower dance."

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+ Here’s What Execs From Lush Cosmetics And Red Robin Bought Recently



"The technology and innovation behind the SHHOWERCAP shower cap is pure genius."
– Deena Campbell


Summer Vacation Packing:
The Beauty Edition

“I have one of those cool new shower caps that also doubles as a fashionable turban. And I have totally rocked it both ways — in the shower and out on the town.”
– Whitney Casey, founder of

Fighting Frizz? Then You Should've Put A Shower Cap on It.



This Product Will Change The Way You Shower

"After first testing out the cap, I am officially hooked. The cap completely and comfortably fits over my head of hair (a feat in its own right), doesn’t feel like a plastic bag wrapped around my brain, and is entirely waterproof (I stood under a heavy stream of water to test it out—no wet strands or rat tails here)."
– Irina Grechko

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The Best Mother's Day Gifts For Your Budget (And Mama)

"A stylish shower cap is the practical gift your mom never knew she needed, but will be super pumped to have."
– Alyssa Coscarelli

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THe Chicest Shower Cap
You'll Ever Use

"Oh, the difference it’s made! My hair stays dry, I prolong a blowout better than before, and on the days where I have no need to wash my hair, I’ve been able to cut down my getting-ready routine."
– Victoria Moorhouse

Shower Caps Don’t Look Like This Anymore…


Gift Guide 2015: The Ultimate Catalogue

"Your aunt can protect her blowout between salon visits with the Shhhowercap, made with grippy nanotech fabric in prints that won’t get lost in the cabinet."


Ditch Your Cringeworthy Shower Cap - This New Line Is Changing Everything.

"The material is a breathable, smooth, waterproof fabric that repels water and looks (and feels) a heck of a lot nicer than plastic caps."

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28 Game-Changing Summer Beauty Products

"This is the chichest showercap on the market. It's so beautiful it can double as a poolside turban for those days when you don't feel like getting your hair wet."
– Kristen Noel Crawley

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Problem Solving Through Design | MISSBISH Jackie De Jesu

"To hear women tell us that "embarassing" moment has shifted from one that made them actively feel bad to one that actively makes them feel great is the most powerful thing."

De Jesu | Reinventing the Shower Cap For the Modern Woman



Crush of the day: Shhhowercap

"...The designs of SHHHOWERCAP are so beautiful that you can wear them to the pool..."



 "Her waterproof turbans are hyper-stylized, high quality, reasonably priced, and have a certain cheeky appeal to them."
– Cat Buckley

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The Best Shower Products Worth Their Price Tags

"TBH, we sometimes forget that showercaps exist — mostly because they end up in the trash — but this is definitely an exception to the rule."

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6 Smart Entrepreneurs On How They Got Their Start

"All showers are great showers…as long as you don't wash your hair. Wink." 



"Years ago Jacquelyn De Jesu made it her personal mission to transform this universally hated beauty necessity into a fashionable item that women actually look forward to wearing."


There's a lot you can learn from a...shower cap

"They are beautifully designed and work about a million times better than the average plastic piece of saran-wrap you find in a hotel bathroom."

10 Secrets to Make Anything Go Viral: Do something Remarkable


Say Bye to Your Grandma's Old-School Shower Cap and Hello to This Stylish Line

"SHHHOWERCAP, has updated the old-school, noisy, disposable cap with stylish, long-lasting options that you won't mind rocking in front of your boyfriend or roommate."

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Wake Up With Perfect Hair Every Morning

"Fortunately, there are ways to treat your hair overnight to wake up with a perfect mane. Follow these tips to get beautiful, effortless-looking hair with hardly any prep time."


Your Old Shower Cap

"I wanted to make sure that each 'type' of woman would have a favorite print, but that they stood together as a collection."


This Beauty Brand Is Saying 'F*ck You' to the Male Gaze

"So the fact that we could redesign, rethink, and reposition this as something that women really want to wear, even if they’ve never used one before? That’s it."


The Digital Getdown: How Shhhowercap Turned Grandma Vibes Into Functional Fashion

"The vibe of the models donning shower caps on the site playfully toes the line between hi-fashion and over-the-top fashion, something that Jackie intentionally set out to do: “I wanted to make it clear that we were so different from any player in this space before us."


I Stopped Washing My Hair Every Day and Used These 8 Shampoo Alternatives Instead

"The key, I believe, was my mini toolkit including unlimited hair ties, and the only showercap I'll ever use ever again, the SHHHOWERCAP"
– Rachel Jacoby Zoldan

34 Gifts for People Who Think 'All Black Everything' Is a Lifestyle

capsule logo.jpg


"Functionally, SHHHOWERCAP has applied the technological advancements in activewear and lingerie construction to create a seamless, waterproof, and comfortable cap."


How Your Dirty Hair is Helping Bring Back The Shower Cap

"It’s no different than investing in a good brush or high-end heat tools, and if you’re the type of person who’s always struggling to make a blowout last a full five days while also keeping up good general hygiene, a truly functional cap could mean the difference."


Introducing The Shower Cap You'll Be Stoked To Wear

"But thanks to a very determined — and creative — woman, the dowdy shower cap is now a chic object of desire." 


4 Easy Ways To Extend To Extend The Life Of Your Blowout

"But hear us out because there’s a new player in the shower headwear game – SHHHOWERCAP."


Reviewed: Not Your Grandma's Shower Cap

"The fact that I'm writing a review about a shower cap of all things is proof that it must be one hell of a shower cap-and it is."

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SHHHOWERCAP is giving the much needed shower cap a humble makeover.

"Throw away that polka-dot monstrosity sitting by your bath."


Reinventing The Shower Cap With Jacquelyn De Jesu

"Shower caps aren't just for your granny anymore. While we normally think of them as crinkly, flimsy, and utterly unattractive, Jacquelyn De Jesu has designed a shower cap that is the complete opposite."


9 Very Boring Objects That Come in Very Pretty Packages

"More like chic turbans that happen to repel water"


Shower caps made out of style, nanotech fabric, and love.

She started creating her design by searching for better alternatives, at first assuming that by now somebody would have built one. When she found nothing, she thought of turbans and other hair wraps, then proceeded to follow the advice: “design the product you wish you could buy.”


This Art Director Just Designed a Shower Cap You Might Not Be Horrified to Wear

"De Jesu says she wanted a product that actually worked—hers is made from nanotech fabric and has rubber grips for a secure fit—and wasn't hideous or bedazzled." 


Our World

"The turban shape is a lot cuter than my old go-to puffy plastic cap"


SHHHOWERCAP + Who, What, Why

"Fear not my naturalista, this cap was designed to fit even the largest of heads and thickest hair and or weaves. Trust me, if mine can fit, yours can too!"


Spilling My New Haircare Secret

"My Shhhowercap is not only adorable, it friggin’ works. The material protects and insulates my hair, and the rubber grip doesn’t budge. The cap dries super quickly, and you can even toss it in your washing machine!"


Your shower cap just got a SUPER stylish makeover.

"SHHHOWERCAP’s launch line features fashion-forward patterns and a rubber grip on the inside band that provides a secure fit without flattening your bouncy blow out, too."


7 Products That Extend The Life Of Your Blowout

"This is not your mama’s shower cap. And the best part is it doesn’t leave those dreaded forehead marks like elastic-banded models do."


It's not just a shower cap, it's a SHHHOWERCAP.

"And yes it can fit my big hair in it."



“Leave your boring shower cap at home and treat yourself to this chic, turban-inspired option.”

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“ finding the right products and learning from the professionals have helped upkeep become second nature.”

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“If "I can’t, I have to wash my hair" has been your go-to excuse to get out of things you don’t want to do, you’re going to have to come up with a better one.”


Editor's Picks: Best Hair Products for Curly Hair

“This shower cap, which feature an elastic band, doesn't slip or fall off.”



“A shower cap to end all shower caps has risen the ranks to bring the power back to your shower. This is SHHHOWERCAP.”



 “I wash my hair once a week, so I’m obsessed with shower caps.”



“If you're not trying to get your hair wet, this cap really is a life saver.



“A group of models put on a very risque display as they took to the runway during a New York City fashion show wearing nothing but some sheer nude lingerie - and some jazzy shower caps.”

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The One Retro Accessory This Former Model Packs on Every Trip

“I pack a Shhhowercap, which is not to be confused with a shower cap.” -- Brooklyn Decker