The Opal

    The Opal is the holographic everything, surrounded by crystals, believes in karma one.

    The Delia

    The Delia is the born in the wrong era, attends festivals in a field, pairs perfectly with Doc Martens one. 

    The Astor

    The Astor is the perennially posh, sips champagne by the vanity, owns fine china one.

    The Muse

    The Muse is the design over everything, pops up at galleries, source of inspiration one.

    The Belle

    The Belle is the fairest of them all, belle of the ball, remember this moment forever one.

      The Pari

      The Pari is the always on vacation, but never flies commercial, gliding through customs one.

      The AJAX

      The AJAX is the all-seeing eye, believes bold is better, not afraid to push limits one.

      The Minx

      The Minx is the complements a red lip, channels your wild side, becomes a new neutral one.

      The Kent

      This chic abstract black and white pattern shower cap goes with everything. Especially nude. Wink.

      The Noir

      Solid Black. So fashion. It's our favorite color, too.

      The Vibe

      Think the shimmer of a gold bangle, the crown emoji, and citrine. Shines brightest under water.

      The Envy

      It's as if the most gorgeous of emeralds and a freshly cut evergreen had a luxurious love child. An envious combination.

      The Not Basic

      This is the only solid in the launch line and it was picked by our fans on the internet. Luckily this was our favorite color, too.

    One size fits all hair types & head sizes (21-25")

    The Showercap Reinvented

    Completely redesigned for form and function, the SHHHOWERCAP not only looks better, but works better too. See how below.

    Spacer – Dries in Seconds

    Spacer – Made with Nanotechnology


    Traditional shower caps get gross with mold, mildew, and other bacteria that causes smells and build up. Disgusting. Our *innovative* performance fabric has special antibacterial properties to prevent allll of that. So, SHHHOWERCAP will always stay as good as new.


    Plastic traps in the heat and humidity generated by your body in the shower. Humidity destroys volume, creates frizz, and ruins blowouts. Our proprietary fabric is breathable, so all of that hair-ruining moisture can escape, without letting a drop in from the outside.

    … and of course

    100% Water Proof

    Everyone likes a little reassurance.
    We fused an additional waterproof layer to the inside
    of our SHHHOWERCAP fabric.


    Yes, this is the chicest shower cap ever.  Our patented design is a necessary upgrade from the tacky, ruffled, hair protectors of days past.



    Encourages relaxation

    Ahhhhh. The shower. Your “you” time. The hot water turns on…..….and then you are immediately jolted out of your blissful state by a noise that sounds like pouring rain on a tin roof. Or a car wash. Or marbles hitting the hardwood floor. WE WERE OVER IT. Our shower cap is optimized to make a gentle soothing sound when you step into the shower stream.

    Wear it anywhere.

    We’re not just for the shower. Our customers love wearing us to the pool, beach, spa, with hair masques, and out in the rain. You can use us for splashing, primping, and wherever else your hair needs protecting. We’re here for you, in and out of the shower.

    It lasts forever

    This is is not your standard disposable shower cap. We have engineered SHHHOWERCAP to last, for all of the reasons listed above. We stand strongly by the quality of our product. We're confident you'll love your experience and will for a very (!!!) long time. 

    If your SHHHOWERCAP becomes unusable for any reason, email us at and we will be happy to replace it for you.  


    Spacer – KNOWS ITS PLAC




    Made with nano-technology

    Our premium nano-tech fabric repels water on a molecular level, which means it’s not just waterproof, it’s also hydrophobic. Water beads up and slides right off. Because, science. 

    Dries in seconds

    Water repels on contact and when the fabric does get wet, it dries immediately. So your SHHHOWERCAP is dry as soon as you step out of the shower. Which means you don’t have to worry about SHHHOWERCAP making a drippy mess of your bathroom floor, gym bag, or suitcase.

    Fashion Forward Silhouette

    Our cap is guaranteed to never go out of style. Both fashion forward and timeless, we've taken a classic shape and given it an update. Much like what we've done with the shower cap itself. P.S. we really prefer the term waterproof turban.

    Feels luxurious

    Unlike other “luxury” shower caps, we don’t need to add extra unnecessary layers to make the most effective product possible. One single, thin, comfortable layer of fabric is simultaneously 100% waterproof and breathable, providing a flawless shower experience.

    Knows its place

    Our rubber grip (made from the same material as a strapless bra) holds your cap securely in place, protects the edges of your hairline, and will never make that indent on your forehead.

    In addition to leaving that dreaded mark, cheap elastic snaps easily and stretches out almost immediately. We use a thicker premium elastic and encase it in our waterproof fabric, so that it will always maintain its strength.

    Machine Washable

    If you want to give your cap a little refresher, you can throw it in the washing machine. The general rule is to treat it like a delicate. Set to cold wash and hang-dry. If you’re into hair masques, conditioning treatments, or facials, this makes clean-up even easier.

    Helps you help the planet

    • Conserves Water.
    Showers use two gallons of water every single minute. Skip a wash and save the world.

    • Conserves Energy.
    Did you know that styling tools drain more energy than almost any other home appliance? Make your style last a day longer.

    • Reduces Plastic Waste.
    Invest in one product that lasts

    Proudly made in the USA

    • Quality of Product
    We are super involved in the production process at our American factories, and we proudly stand behind the quality of each and every SHHHOWERCAP we make.

    • Ethical Manufacturing
    By producing locally, we ensure that every single person, from our sewing team to packers, are treated as they should be. Fairly.  

    • Job Creation
    With each cap made, we are contributing to local job creation. And the more we grow, the more jobs we're able to create.

    Okay, I’m convinced

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    The Opal


    The Opal


    The Opal is the holographic everything, surrounded by crystals, believes in karma one.

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