Do you wash your hair everyday?

Cool. Neither do we. Shop the collection.—


Ours is Beautiful. It’s Not Plastic, It Stays Put, It Sounds Quiet, It Fits All. We thought of everything. See all the details of our innovation.—

90% of women don’t wash their hair every day

You have to break the cycle sometime. Every other day is still twice as good as washing daily.
You were going to wash it after the gym and then you didn’t go to the gym.
Because blah blah blah healthy oils blah blah blah.
Because second day hair looks better.
Because you overslept for the morning meeting.
The perfect blow out deserves protecting.
Time is money. Save some.
Break the cycle. Overwashing = oily hair.
Because dry shampoo exists for a reason.
Another reason not to wash



It needed to be done. So, we did it. Why were we ever settling for hair preservation that felt like a sacrifice? Finally, a shower cap that you’ll look forward to wearing.

The Reviews

100% approval rating

- Nicole

Simply put, I’m obsessed.


Genius, pure genius, and so long overdue.

- Lisa

I’ve been ridiculously impressed.


These caps are such a revelation!


My life actually started the day I discovered SHHHOWERCAP.

Carlye Wisel, RACKED

This product is a game changer.

Faith Xue, Byrdie

This thing SERIOUSLY works.

- Steph

The technology and innovation behind the SHHOWERCAP shower cap is pure genius.

- Deena Campbell, Allure

After testing out the cap, I am officially hooked

- Irina Grechko, Nylon

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