it all started with a google search


I’ve been asked this question almost every day since 2013 when I started working on what SHHHOWERCAP could be. And, while the development story is a bit long. The answer to the question is simple. I wanted something that didn’t exist. So, I set out to create it. 

Like most women, I wasn’t washing my hair every day. I just wasn’t. It didn’t matter if it was because I was trying to stretch another day out of a blowout or simply that I didn’t have time to wash and style before running to an early morning meeting. I also knew from blogs and magazines that it was healthiest to cut down on shampoos and avoid heat styling as much as possible. Basically, it was just easier and I believe that dry shampoo exists for a reason. 

However, I had a shower cap that I never used because I hated it. It didn’t work well and I felt like it was sacrifice every single time I put it on. So, I chose instead to put my hair in a top knot and dance around the shower hoping that my hair didn’t get wet. As we all know if you’ve tried it — this is a faulty solution. I was tired of the dance. So, I decided to look for a new shower cap. I wanted an upgrade. 

I always say that it wasn’t the fact that nothing came up when I searched. It was what did. My internet search for “cool shower cap” "best shower cap" and “fashionable shower cap” came back with a ton of horrible options! All frilly bows, cheesy prints, satin ruffles, sequins, bedazzling, you name it. It was so bad. Don’t forget the cheap plastic “ironic” category of plastic frogs, strawberries, and icecream cones. Most of all, they all had that tacky Miss Muffet shape. Nothing that I (or anyone I knew) would consider to fit their personal taste. Yet, almost every woman I knew had a need for this product. Why had no one reimagined this outdated beauty necessity?! Why were we all settling for an experience that made us feel less than? I knew I could do it better. I needed to do better. 

Over that next year, I obsessively set out on the journey to make my invention into a reality. I learned everything I could about waterproofing technologies and manufacturing. I sourced fabrics. I tested them. I sourced more. I pulled reference and sketched designs. I asked friends and friends of friends who worked in fashion if they knew anything or anyone that could help me. I ran back and forth to New York City’s Garment District iterating different shapes, sizes, and folds until everything was a perfect balance of both form and function. 

During this time, I’d speak to every single person I met about their hair washing habits. My life was one big focus group. Chances are if you met me during those development years, I’d open our conversation with “Random question. Do you wash your hair every day?” It’s quite an icebreaker. I’d follow up and ask how you felt about shower caps. If you used one and if you didn’t — why not? This is when I learned all of the specific things that turned women off from using them altogether. Everyone had their own annoyance with the shower caps that existed. Even if they were using one regularly. Especially if they were. It was obvious that “chic” was just the tip of the iceberg because a ton of functionality issues needed fixing as well. It was how they felt that told me I was on the right path. Not one person felt good wearing them. Especially offensive in these personal moments in the nude when we should all feel like our best selves. 

*** Don’t worry. I came up with brand name, designed a logo, made business cards, and even put up a holding site so these people knew I was legit. All before the product was finalized.

Once I felt that I had a product that addressed every major issue I’d heard in these conversations — I honestly couldn’t wait to put it out into the world. I placed my first production order. Seemed like a big bet. But, I believed. I had a photoshoot for the lookbook, wrote my own press release, and sent it out to any contact I knew. I ran as fast as I could to launch. Then the magic happened. Fast Company wrote this article, “Reinventing the Shower Cap For The Modern Woman” the day after the site went live. It started the engine. We sold out that first inventory order within weeks. I’ve been running ever since. 

Dancing in 2015 because my 1st choice factory said they'd take the work.

Dancing in 2015 because my 1st choice factory said they'd take the work.

This is me a couple months later. Shipping out our first ever hundreds of pre-sale orders from my house in Brooklyn.

This is me a couple months later. Shipping out our first ever hundreds of pre-sale orders from my house in Brooklyn.

This is me now. Female founder life.

This is me now. Female founder life.


In just a few short years, this idea of mine has grown into an incredible company. Today, we’re shipping this patented invention all over the world from our e-commerce website (this one) and sold in major retailers like Sephora, Violet Grey, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and even The MoMA Design Store! This brand is run by hardworking women with a strong point of view on everything from politics to mascara. And I couldn’t be prouder of the team we’ve become. We’re delivering on my original goal — to reinvent the shower cap. And, my even bigger one — to make the shower cap cool. Chic waterproof hair protection that we can even look forward to wearing. 

From the second this website went live for pre-sale in 2015, it is the overwhelming support we’ve received from each of our customers that has allowed us to get to where we are today. We’ve never taken a penny of investment, have no relatives with deep pockets, and have had the incredible ability to stay completely self funded since day one. That is because of you. We’re fueled by your love of the product. 

So, thats the story.  

I really hope you buy one. They’re great. And, you deserve the upgrade. 

xx Jackie


meet the team

+ why we don't wash our hair everyday


LISA // VP of Operations

Because I think my hair looks awful the first day. It has to settle in a bit  for it to really look its best. And, time saving efficiencies.


Maryse // Brand COmms

My hair is currently beyond long, so washing it is the bane of my existence. The less I can do it? The better for my hair, and my sanity.


Renée Gabrielle // 

Because I’d always rather be surfing and salty bed head is my vibe.



It used to be to keep my hair from getting dry. But now with a baby, I would just rather spend that time in the morning, snuggling with her.


Kara // Sales Manager

Because I'm a typical NYC gal who's always  on the go -- saves so much time!


Julia // Head of Customer Service

Because I like to have an extra half an hour in the morning instead of blow drying my hair -- which is the most boring activity ever!




If I can save myself a few extra minutes in the morning by not washing and having to re-style my hair, I'm all about it! ALSO with super curly hair, I need to retain as much moisture and oils as possible!



Because I'd rather spend the time catching up on my sleep, AND my day 2 hair has more volume - and who doesn't love volume?!


AZIZA // Operations coordinator

My curly hair is dry, so washing it everyday just strips out all the natural oil that my scalp produces –- I love my curls, so I am trying to be good to them.